There’s little doubt that care for creation and good stewardship of the natural environment are key and urgent  issues for Christian discipleship today.
People of faith unite in their shared sense that this fragile beautiful planet is entrusted to us by God and that we in turn must entrust it to generations unborn.

We all know of the impact of climate change and of global warming and the disproportionate effect of these things upon the poor of the world. Here in our diocese and in the wider Church of Ireland , whether as producers or consumers, we are trying to do our bit to care for the planet…..recognising that our efforts will demand both cost and imagination, and indeed radical changes to our sometimes complacent lifestyles.

This section of our website shows how we who enjoy the luxury of a beautiful and still temperate island home are working to safeguard a planet that is fast becoming dangerously warm.

For more information, see: Eco-Congregation Ireland