Ballina Churches Together

Ballina Churches Together began in September of 2010. It is an ecumenical partnership of the Church of Ireland, the Roman Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian congregations in association with Anglican  organisation – Church Army. Working together, we seek to support people through prolonged difficulty or immediate need.

Wilson Carlile who served as a curate in Kensington and he founded Church Army in 1882.  Kensington was an area that included significant deprivation at that time. It wasn’t long after its founding, 1883 in fact, that Carlile began to formally recruit, train and send out evangelists to work on the margins.

Today, the work of Church Army continues to pioneer new ministries, seeking to draw alongside the broken and bringing hope to the streets in Ireland and the U.K. In the town of Ballina and its environs, Marian Edwards and Rosemonde Adamson, along with a group of volunteers seek to share God’s love with all we encounter in the community.

Marian Edwards, Lead Evangelist
Rosemonde Adamson, Pioneer Evangelist