Our Bishop

WELCOME to the website of the Church of Ireland /Anglican diocese of Tuam, Limerick and Killaloe. We hope you will find much that is of interest here concerning our worship, witness, history and geographical context.

We are a relatively ‘new’ diocese, configured in its present form as recently as 2021.
We cover about one third of the island of Ireland, with areas of the Midlands, the West and SouthWest and in particular the stunning coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way over the long distance  from South Kerry to the edge of Co Sligo.

The area is replete with natural beauty, warm-hearted people, and a great  variety of human activities  from agriculture to high-tech industry to tourism to abundant centres of higher education. Our diocese includes the historic cities of Limerick and Galway.

Historically, Anglicans are quite thin on the ground in much of our area  but our ninety or so churches are nevertheless vibrant places where people of many backgrounds and many religious traditions find a welcome and the space they need to seek prayerfulness and peace. We place all our endeavours in a wider ecumenical context and we seek to make our own distinctive if modest contribution to the rich tapestry of faith and thought that characterises the Ireland of today.

We hope you will find something that catches your attention  in these pages. Even more we hope that you will come among us in person so that we can be enriched by your presence and you can share something of our spirituality and fellowship. Whether online or face to face we extend to you the Eucharistic greeting: ‘The Peace of the Lord be always with you’.

And we would love to receive your comments concerning this site and our various  activities. So often it is the eye of the visitor which opens our own eyes to the things we really need to see. So please taste and see!… and hold us in your prayers.

 Le gach dea ghui; with every good wish.

 Michael – Tuam, Limerick and Killaloe

(Bishop Michael Burrows)

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