TKA Diocesan Schools Service

The Diocesan Schools Service was held on 16th November in Saint Mary’s Cathedral Tuam.

The speaker was our very own Steve Brickenden who spoke to the children about ‘ The Fruits of the Spirit’. Steve had visited the schools in the weeks leading up the service and had given each of them a message in a bottle. These bottles were then opened during his address. He also collected messages from the schools to be put into the CIYD Time Capsule on behalf of the diocese. When it is filled, these capsules will be buried for 25 years and reopened in 2043.

We were pleased welcome about 100 children and 12 teachers to the cathedral and a good time was had by all. The teachers and the children enjoyed a lunch in the Synod Hall before leaving for home.

Our thanks to Revd Canon Jen McWhirter for organising the day, the Dean for the use of Saint Mary’s, Michelle Gill for once more leading the music and those who provided the sandwiches and refreshments after the service.