TKA Christmas on Ice

We left Westport at 7:30 a.m. and after stopping in Collooney and Longford along the way we ended up with 28 students and 4 leaders and of course our friendly bus driver. We made it to Dundrum shopping centre in good time and were able to take in the beautiful Christmas decorations such as flying snowmen and glistening icicles hanging from trees. We had time for lunch and a Starbucks before we got our skates on. While handing my shoes over the counter in exchange for skates. I was surprised by the fact I seemed to be the only one worried about someone accidentally standing on my poor toes (with only a sock to defend them) with their skate-blade. However all fingers and toes remained firmly attached to all of the skaters during our time on the ice.

While waiting to get on the ice there were lots of smiling faces discussing strategies, re not falling down. When you get on the ice you are suddenly disarmed of the ability to control the situation you are in. It really opens your eyes to how reliant we are on things bigger than us to help us- Like the barrier running all the way around the ice rink. We spend a lot of our time trying to control every detail of our lives. Our time on the ice reminds us how small we are in the world and how little control we have. How we ultimately rely on each other. How much we need something to cling to so that we can stand upright. However even when you did fall on the ice there was always someone to help you up if you were struggling. After our magical time on the ice we headed to the sales for a quick look around through the shops. From those that glittered in lights to those with the 60% off sales not forgetting the ones that smelt delicious.


Then it was back on the bus and off to Jump Zone, where we got some complimentary socks and learned how to jump on a trampoline correctly before being released into bounce land. Covered in trampolines as far as the eye could see and you could even jump on the walls. There was also a pool full of giant foam bricks to jump into and two dodgeball courts, where a lot of our group spent their time. Ahh…Dodgeball where you realise who your true friends and enemies are. All in good fun of course. An hour later 28 red-faced, hungry dodgeballers got back on the bus and we headed for Supermac’s. After Supermac’s a slightly more chatty bus headed from home, after a fantastic day out in Dublin.

By Leanne Brett