The Sacred Path


The Sacred Path

Centre for Spirituality

For in each one of us there exists something far greater than ourselves”

The pathway, or journey to the sacred within, has existed throughout time. The search for meaning, understanding and connection and a deeper spiritual connection is a life-long journey. As each individual undertakes this sacred journey through life, there will be stepping stones along the way. These can include retreats, pilgrimages, meditation and contemplation, community worship, healing, walking the labyrinth in prayer and many other experiences.

The Sacred Path offers such stepping stones along that personal spiritual journey. Based on the early traditions of Celtic Spirituality – welcoming hospitality, openness of heart and hearth alike, a connection with nature which recognizes and acknowledges the hand of the Creator in all things. The Sacred Path offers the quiet space, the hospitality of welcome and the opportunity to both reawaken and refresh the spiritual within each one of us.

We offer Retreats, individual and group – silent or facilitated, or simply accompanied through gentle spiritual direction.

Pilgrimages to holy sites, or, follow a Celtic Camino journey with stops for reflection or ritual, or simply the Celtic ‘peregrinatio’ , an inner journey with no set goal or destination in mind, a journey guided only by the Spirit.

Workshops will include: An Introduction to Celtic Spirituality, Meditation, Spiritual Creativity, Mindfulness and many more.

Contact: Maebh O’Herlihy, Co-Ordinator, on or tel: 087.2789912. visit: