The benefits of Trip Advisor

The Benefits of TripAdvisor

This was posted on the St Mary’s Killarney TripAdvisor page recently

“Always welcoming”
Every time we visit Killarney we attend Sunday service in St Mary’s, and on our latest visit there was a sign outside advertising their ‘Bus Service’ – a short Holy Communion service at 9.30am, which allowed tourists time for church before heading off on their day-trip bus tour. There were only 4 of us in attendance, but the Archdeacon gave a beautiful service, and we left spiritually uplifted. Of course even if you are not an Anglican the church is well worth a visit for the beautiful stained glass windows and decoration throughout.

Visited June 2017”

This is the up-side of all the hard work churches do to make their building and worship accessible. This is part of our mission to visitors. Congratulations to St Mary’s Killarney Select Vestry and those who work behind the scenes.