Teddy Bear

At this time of year in St Patrick Kenmare, we are invited by our teddy bears to join in for their annual Teddy Bear Service and Picnic. Patsy Devoy, MU President of Cork, Cloyne and Ross Diocese brought husband Robert and her own Teddy to join us and talked about how Jesus is always alongside us, even when we’re miserable, and how He can always bring a smile back to our faces.

We were also reminded that even when we think we’re too grown up to need a Teddy Bear anymore, he’ll always be there when we need him; even if we’ve left him in a cupboard for years, he’s never stopped loving us.

At this time of year, we usually welcome a few late-season Ring of Kerry coach-tour stragglers – you could tell they were visitors by their somewhat bemused look, but once given a tambourine or bodhran, they soon got into the Holy Spirit of things. And although we clapped and looked happy, no-one walked out to search for an Amos Starkadder-style sermon instead.

Here’s a picture of Pat & Robin’s Teddy, the creatively-named ‘Teddy’, who offers an all-year round welcome to St Patrick. If you’re ever passing, come and say hello.