Summer Madness 2019

Summer madness – “Shaped & Stirred” by Sophia Levie (Mountshannon)

This year we had an excited group of young people on a bus from Limerick heading up to Glenarm Castle estate in Co. Antrim to be “Shaped and Stirred” by this year’s theme. This year we were led by fabulous worship bands and were inspired by the words of our speakers Joshua Luke Smith, Tre Sheppard, Tim Chaddick and Rachel Gardner who had us laughing, crying and being moved by the Holy Spirit. We looked at the prodigal Son, Genesis, Elijah, Jesus and the 12 disciples, we learned that “you are shaped with love”, that in all circumstances you are never alone and that you are never too young to change the world! Just like the Disciples (who modern scholars have learned were actually teenagers as young as twelve!) We can go out and lead our generation and make a difference.

Along with all the amazing worship times, the days were action packed with things to do. There was something for everyone with water activities like sailing or sports games and challenges with Salt Factory, Games at YFC’s Drop-In or for those who had a more creative side the Arts and crafts and drama at the Hatch. Throughout the day we had a wide variety of seminars to choose from. Those who wanted a more relaxing day could visit the beautiful walled gardens, take a stroll along the beach or sit in the sun with a coffee from one of Summer Madness’ many café venues. Something for everyone! Evenings were spent listening to open mic musicians, being amazed by magic tricks, dancing at the Disco and catching up with friends.

The five days were full of fun faith and fellowship! And we left looking forward to coming back next year.