‘Maji’ Sponsored Cycle


We were blessed with a perfect day to cycle – bright, cool and a light breeze. A total of 26 TKA cyclists gathered at the back of the Mulranny Park Hotel for our Diocesan Cycle to raise funds for our new ‘Maji’ water project in Kenya.

We set off 10 minutes early, led by two toddlers being pulled along in their bike trailers. It was hard to keep track of everyone as the younger gang hared off into the distance, the central batch settled down to on-the-move conversation and the steady peddlers took the strain at the back. It was a great way to catch up on the news and views of  people from all around the dioceses as we peddled along.

We all met at Achill sound, the end of the Greenway and our halfway point, for our lunch and shared a cuppa and a bite from the local Supervalu . Those who were feeling the heat most, treated themselves to an ice-cream! The younger gang who arrived first  were so eager to get going on the return trip that they left before the ‘Tail End Jonnies’  had even finished their sarnies. Everyone knew their own pace and before long we were all on our way back to Mulranny.


The views were stunning and the weather mostly held. It  drizzled a little on the way back but that was nothing to the intrepid peddlers of The West.  On arrival at our final destination at The Hotel, still more tea and sandwiches were enjoyed by all, along with a chance for the sports fans among us to watch the Ireland-Belgium match on the big screen.


Thanks to the effort put in by everyone, not only those who cycled, but those who gave sponsorship money, we’ve been able to raise €1890 for the Maji water project in the diocese of Kajiado, Kenya. A very big thank you to all who took part, and all who sponsored those who did!