How ‘Evergreen’ was my valley?

The Evergreens

On Wednesday, 19 September, in the O’Brien Chapel in St. Mary’s Cathedral, we held our opening meeting of The Evergreens – a group for retired people. Despite the wild stormy weather, there was an excellent turnout, nearly half of whom were men. Afternoon tea was served to the enjoyment of all.

People were required to fill out questionnaires and a result of those questionnaires, it has been decided to meet monthly on Tuesdays from 2 pm to 4 pm, on:

Tuesday, 23 October, 

Tuesday, 20 November and 

Tuesday, 18th December. 

Anyone requiring a lift should contact Oliver Deegan at 086 204 3296 or 061 635 367.

Grateful thanks to the committee who worked hard to make the occasion the success that it was. (Revd. Edna).