General Synod welcomes Bishops’ Appeal relaunch but votes against name change

Bishops’ Appeal is looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary at next year’s General Synod. A number of motions addressing the organisation’s name, membership and terms of reference were presented at General Synod on Friday afternoon (October 1).

Bringing the motions to Synod, Bishop Patrick Rooke, chairperson of Bishops’ Appeal said that the motions were brought on the basis of research the committee undertook last year in the Province of Armagh and soundings that were taken in the Province of Dublin.

The bishop said that the oversight committee had suggested a change of name for Bishops’ Appeal. He acknowledged that the name was confusing as it was neither owned or run by the bishops and it was not an appeal. However, he said he would vote against a name change as the name ‘Bishops’ Appeal’ was embedded in the Church of Ireland. He said the work of Bishops’ Appeal was made possible by substantial legacies amounting to more than half a million euro in two years. He felt this showed the importance of maintaining the name.

Members of Synod carried the first motion that General Synod welcome the re–launch recommendations for Bishops’ Appeal.

The second motion proposed that the name of Bishops’ Appeal be changed. Synod members voted against the motion to change the name of Bishops’ Appeal.

The motion that the Committee be made up of a bishop (Chair), 3 representatives nominated by Standing Committee to serve up to six years and 11 Diocesan Link Persons – one from each of the 11 dioceses – to serve for six years was passed by Synod.