From Sower to Sewer!

Archdeacon Stephen McWhirter is not just a Sower of the Seed of the Good News of the Gospel, he is also an Sewer Extraordinaire! A man of many talents.

When Stephen realised that Ballina Costume Company, who rent the old school in Ballina from St Michael’s Church, were making PPE for frontline workers in hospitals he offered to help. The Archdeacon knows his way round a sewing machine, having made clothes and vestments in the past. The package of material arrived on Saturday night and since then he has measured, cut, and sewed about 25 reusable face masks. These masks, along with the rest he will make this week will be collected by courier at the end of the week, and then taken to be sterilised and used by the HSE in hospitals in Mayo. And when these masks are collected, new material will be dropped off to enable him to make more PPE.

PPE Masks showing the ‘Cross’ stitch feature

Stephen has said that he is keen to support healthcare workers and frontline staff across the county. And while he’s making the masks he adds a little bit extra. Each mask has the elastic held in place by a ‘stay stitch’ and while sewing these stitches in each mask, in the shape of a cross, Stephen prays for whomever will be wearing the mask he has made. Alongside his usual role as Rector of the Kilmoremoy Union, Stephen feels this is another way of showing the love and
compassion of God to the world at this time of stress and struggle.