End of year report – Mother’s Union Tuam

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Tuam Diocesan President
Mrs Myrtle Nairn
Tuam Report 2021-2022

Mothers’ Union Report September 2022

  • The MU Diocese held a 16 Days Global Day online Service for everybody’s viewing.
  • Contact was kept with the Women’s Refuge under the auspices of COPE in Galway so that MU could offer “setting up home” help to ladies ready to start life again in “safe apartments” .
  • 2 kitchen starter kits to the value of €300 were purchased for refuge apartments in Galway.
  • Shopping vouchers to the value of €10, €20 representing a full amount of €200 were made available to Mayo Women’s Support Group to enable victims of domestic abuse do some independent shopping and to support them as survivors.
  • 16 Day Prayer Diaries were issued for each parish in the diocese.
  • Posters were issued to for display in each parish in the diocese with information on where to seek help with contact information in relation to domestic violence.
  • The 16 Days Global Day against Gender Based Violence was marked with a gathering at St Nicholas Collegiate Church in Galway.
  • Again, more recently shopping vouchers representing a full amount of €250 was given to the Women’s Refuge in Galway and shopping vouchers representing a full amount of €250 was given to the Mayo Women’s Support Group.
  • An online Mothers’ Union themed Service contributing to the diocese’s outreach and communication to all parishioners was made available.
  • In response to the times members upskilled and MU diocesan meetings were held via “Zoom”.
  • A Diocesan Service was held in Holy Trinity Church, Westport at which Bishop Rooke commissioned officers. Due to restrictions the usual fellowship could not take place after this service.
  • “Mums In May” fundraising took place by way of selling the newly compiled All Ireland “Mums’ Marvellous Meals” cookbook. These funds when returned to All Ireland head office are used to support Mothers’ Union projects in Ireland such as supporting survivors of domestic abuse.
  • An All-Ireland leaflet on the subject of “Loneliness” was distributed within the diocese.
  • To highlight the MIM fundraising members accompanied All Ireland President June Butler on 7K walks through Westport House grounds to the quay, along the River Moy and Belleek Woods at Ballina, Mayo and along the Coastal Path and beach at Aughris, Sligo. Each walk was preceded with a Service in the nearby church of Holy Trinity, Westport, St Michael’s Church, Ballina and Skreen Church.
  • A Diocesan Service was held in Skreen Church, Sligo with Bishop Michael Burrows. It was possible to share tea and supper with chat afterwards!! Our Diocesan Services are prepared and led by our chaplain Canon Jen McWhirter.
Members have been involved in:
  • Supplying emergency toilet bags to hospitals.
  • Supplying items of clothing, food, stationery, colouring books etc to Women in need of Refuge from Domestic Violence.
  • Making doorstop visits to folk.
  • Making phone calls to make contact with people face to face contact was restricted.
  • Making extra efforts of communication by way of texts, emails and cards.
  • Knitting knee blankets for those who might need them.
  • Holding an “Afternoon Tea” for fellowship.
  • On behalf of the members in the diocese, Tuam MU contributed €1,298 to the MU Overseas fund. This fund supports the promotion of monetary and literacy skills, self-reliance and education in general with the aim of enhancing family life in countries where such help is most needed.

Myrtle Nairn
Diocesan President