Diocesan Council for Mission

A.G.M. of the Diocesan Council for Mission
On Tuesday 12th. Sept at 7.30 p.m. in
the Kilmurray Hotel, Castletroy, Limerick City

At the Synod on 24th June it was decided to amalgamate the Diocesan Board of Mission and the Long Term Church Working Group into one committee under the title Diocesan Council for Mission.
We all agree that the structure of Irish society has changed radically over the past number of years, with the result that we had to review our concept of mission. Gone are the days when the Church was automatically an integral part of society, especially in the rural community and mission was sending volunteers, money and materials to people in far off underdeveloped countries. That requirement/obligation is still very much in existence as we know for the various missionary societies, the internet and on our TV screens. However there is now a ‘mission field’ in our own back yard, so to speak and, this was one of the reasons why the Long Term Church was set up a few years ago, with the aim of trying to make the Church more relevant to the ‘spiritual requirements’ of modern day Irish society, and more especially to our own parishioners.
By mutual consent of both committees, it was decided to pool our resources into one organisation, namely the Diocesan Council for Mission.
If you are interested in getting involved in mission, either in your own local community, or further afield, please come along on Tuesday 12th Sept.