Concert Holy Trinity Westport

There will be a concert in Westport’s Holy Trinity Church on Thursday 21st April at 8pm

to fund first steps towards the restoration of Holy Trinity’s 1856 organ.

John Dexter, former organist in St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, will extract magic from the old instrument even while it’s ailing. 

Two of his family will also perform – Cellist Patrick Dexter and Soprano Eilis Dexter.

The night will be even more wonderful with the music of
Pianist Michele Gill, Violinist Patrick Early, Cor Mhaigh Eo under Brian Lennon, and the Westport Children’s Choir under Eriko Hopkinson. 

All for 10 Euros! But if you insisted on contributing more, how on earth could we stop you?
On concert night we’ll ask John to talk a bit about the Holy Trinity organ’s creation, abilities, limits, peculiarities and needs. It was built for the old church in the grounds of Westport House, then transferred to the new building, itself opened in 1872.
By the way, John Dexter and his wife Alison have an increasingly deep bond with Aughagower and thus with Westport and Holy Trinity. Thus too his alliance with Steve B, another Aughagower and Holy Trinity man, in arranging this concert for us. Thanks to you both, John and Steve.
Further details from Steve Brickenden, mob 087 696 1329.