Clergy and Readers Quiet Day

The clergy and readers of TKA met for their annual Quiet Day in Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Tuam on 28th February.

It was a nasty day, weather wise, and many of those who had planned to attend stayed at home in deference to the snow and ice. But almost 30 brave souls ventured to drive to Tuam for this day of reflection and contemplation.

After coffee, we started with a celebration of the Eucharist led by bishop Patrick and the Dean. Bishop Kenneth of Limerick then took over and directed our thoughts. Either side of an excellent lunch, his four talks encouraged us to revisit our vocation. Bishop Kenneth spoke about the support we received from family and friends and parishioners. He aksed us to consider the priviledge and responsibility of preaching and leading others in prayer and worship. He spoke about the wider context of our ministry to the local community and to those who are travelling on their faith journey by a different route than we have chosen. In all of this he used the contents of his robes case to illustrate his points in a easy manner which none less held us all captivated.

By the time we finished the weather was beginning to close in so most headed home directly. But a brave few stayed to chat over a quick cuppa provided by the Cathedral team who deserve our thanks for hosting us in their usual exemplary manner.