Churches Join Together for Day of Remembrance

The Church of Ireland Diocese of Limerick and Killaloe and the Catholic Diocese of Killaloe came together on Friday to commemorate a shared Day of Remembrance. This is the first time the two churches have come together to celebrate a Day of Remembrance in this way.

The churches aim to reach out to those who this year have suffered the loss of loved ones as a result of COVID 19 as well as those who have lost loved ones through unrelated illness or conditions during the past year. Both churches encourage their members and parish communities to keep the memory of those who have died and pray for them and those who mourn their loss during this Day of Remembrance.

To date, nearly 2,000 people have died directly as a result of COVID. Both Churches felt it appropriate to mark their passing by keeping a time of remembrance to pray for them. COVID restrictions and protocols in hospitals and nursing homes have, for many, meant that they have not had the comfort of the presence of family and loved ones around them. This is true whether people have died through COVID or from other unrelated conditions. Those left behind have also been denied the normal community support that accompanies funerals in Ireland and is such a source of strength to many.

Since, it was impossible to gather for prayer in community due to COVID restrictions, the focus of the Day of Remembrance was on short moments of prayer in which everyone can participate at home.

This short service of commemoration was broadcast on Clare FM and Tipp FM.