Bills Pass on Final Day of General Synod

Five Bills that were considered on the first day of General Synod on Thursday received their third readings on Saturday morning (October 2). All five Bills were passed by members. The Bills that most concerned TKA and L&K ( and hence our new united dioceses ) were Bills Nos 1 and 5.

Bill No 1 dealing with General Synod Representation seeks to set out the principles upon which clerical and lay members of General Synod represent dioceses, and establish a regular review of the size, distribution and membership of the House of Representatives of the General Synod. It seeks to amend Chapter I of the Constitution in order to establish a proportional and representative formula to allocate seats; to increase the functionality and flexibility of General Synod as a debating forum and administrative body; to provide for a regular review of the number and distribution of members of General Synod; to amend representation on the amalgamation of dioceses; and to achieve a more proportional spread of membership whilst ensuring that the voices of smaller dioceses are not lost.

Bill No 5 seeks to provide procedures for the election of a bishop for the United Dioceses of Tuam, Limerick and Killaloe in the event of the Sees of Limerick and Killaloe and of Tuam, Killala and Achonry falling vacant simultaneously.