7 minutes bells at 7pm for 7 Nights at St Nicholas Collegiate Church

St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, currently celebrating the 700th year since it’s foundation is delighted to announce that the Church bells will sound out for 7 minutes at 7pm for 7 days. Commencing on Sunday 27th Sept, they will ring out each evening next week and flood the streets of Galway with their now familiar and comforting sound.

The newly formed campanology school has been very busy over the last year bringing the sound of the bells to Galway City and had a particularly popular ringing in of the New Year, last New Year’s Eve. The bells have brought welcome hope and solace as they rang out at 12 noon every Friday during the pandemic and lockdown, for frontline workers, and all those navigating through isolating, lonely or difficult times. There was an overwhelming public response. The sound of the bells ringing out assures people that they are not alone. They have brought assurance to many, with the live streaming being viewed locally and internationally, ensuring that those who are not local can still hear and witness it all.

‘The church is in great need of financial support at present; this year has been challenging as we have had to close our doors to visitors and were not able to hold our fundraisers, said the rector, the Very Rev Lynda Peilow. We are working hard also to ensure that St Nicholas’ will be around for another 700 years, and awaiting the completion of a conservation management plan, she continued.

Next week’s bell ringing will be streamed live on our facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/stnicholasgalway  and people will be encouraged to donate to St Nicholas on line – details available on their facebook site. The rector has said that St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church has a special place in people’s hearts home and abroad, and no matter how small a donation, it would be greatly appreciated, and will help safeguard the church so that the bells can continue to ring out for many years to come.