TKA Diocesan Synod 2018

TKA Diocesan Synod was held in St. Mary’s Cathedral and Synod Hall on Saturday 22nd September. But this year was slightly different. Because after The Eucharist TKA launched the first of it’s stated goals associated with the Fresh Expressions/IDLE project – a DVD celebrating all that is good and positive in the diocese. And for this, members moved to The Mall Theatre in Tuam to view it on a big screen. ( The full DVD is on The Home Page of this website)

While at the theatre Bishop Rooke gave his Presidential Address, choosing the overarching theme of ‘Choices’.

The bishop first touched on Choices in Civic Life, speaking about the referendum on the Eighth Amendment. In his comments on the ‘Yes’ outcome with its proposal to allow for unrestricted supervised abortion, albeit after medical consultation, in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy he commented ‘ This is certainly less restrictive than we would have hoped and expected… Many of us have our concerns and will be watching and praying that our elected leaders will choose wisely and responsibly.’

Bishop Rooke then turned his attention to Brexit, saying ‘ The question of the border with Northern Ireland is crucial and any attempt to return to a ‘hard-border’ will be vigorously opposed. The British market is vital to businesses across Ireland and not least here in the West and we can only urge our politicians to seek for a deal that ensures easy and accessible trade with our closest neighbours. ‘
Speaking of the current global refugee crisis, the bishop commended the the Department of Justice and Equality’s provisions for refugees and asylum seekers, specifically to resettle 4,000 refugees from Syria and its neighbouring countries. ‘The Government continues to face important choices in relation to the refugee crisis’ he said ‘ So let us implore our politicians to choose carefully and wisely in all the choices before them – they need our prayers. ‘

The bishop also commended the Church of Ireland Refugee Working Groups’ booklet ‘Supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees’.
Turning to matters closer to home, bishop Rooke spoke about the current choices before TKA in the matter of the possible unification of TKA with Limerick and Killaloe and the discussions that have been held already. ‘My prayer is that as the people of this Diocese look back to this period for Tuam, Killala and Achonry, they will see that important choices were made that have ensured not only the survival of Tuam but the flourishing of our Diocesan and parochial life in the West.’

In conclusion bishop Rooke thanked all those who contribute to the life of the diocese, especially the lay involvement. He commended the commitment of so many ‘unsung heros’ and drew particular attention to those who have offered themselves for the ministry of OLM.
( Full Address on Dedicated Page )
After lunch in the Synod Hall, members were addressed by our guest speaker, Mrs Ethne Harkness, to which a presentation of thanks was made.

The two main motions before synod were then debated. Firstly the motion to proceed with the process to amalgamate TKA and L&K and the second to permit Ballisodare Parish to move to the Diocese of Elphin should the amalgamation be sucessful. Both motions passed.
The usual business of synod then proceeded without blood being split and folk went their way satisfied with a good day’s work spent in happy fellowship with fellow members of the Body of Christ.