Synod Election Results



Lay Member of the Representative Church Body:
Yvonne Blennerhassett, Diocesan Secretary

Diocesan Council 2018-2019

Chairman: The Bishop.
Ex-Officio Member: The Diocesan Secretary

The Ven. W. Carney (Killaloe & Clonfert)
The Ven. Simon J Lumby (Ardfert & Aghadoe)
The Very Rev. G. Paulsen (Killaloe & Clonfert)
The Very Rev N Sloane (Limerick & Emly)
The Rev Canon Patrick Comerford (Limerick & Emly)
The Rev Canon J Galbraith (Killaloe & Clonfert)
The Rev Canon R Gill (Killaloe & Clonfert)
The Rev J Godfrey (Killaloe & Clonfert)
The Rev P G C Jones (Ardfert & Aghadoe)
The Rev Jim Stephens (Ardfert & Aghadoe)
The Rev Edna Wakely (Limerick & Emly)

Mr. Alan Armstrong (Killaloe & Clonfert)
Mr. Roy Benson (Killaloe & Clonfert)
Mr. Thomas Blennerhassett (Ardfert & Aghadoe)
Ms. Janet Bray (Limerick & Emly)
Mr. Kieron Brislane (Limerick & Emly)
Ms Audrey Clarke Gordon (Killaloe & Clonfert)
Mr. James Clarke (Limerick & Emly)
Mr Robert Cooke, (Killaloe & Clonfert)
Mr. Andrew Eadie (Ardfert & Aghadoe)
Mr. Cyril Harding (Killaloe & Clonfert)
Mr. Edward Hardy (Killaloe & Clonfert)
Mr. Adrian Hilliard (Ardfert & Aghadoe)
Ms Tracey Lyttle (Limerick & Emly)
Ms Phyllis Mason (Ardfert & Aghadoe)
Ms Nolleen Molloy Lumby (Ardfert & Aghadoe)
Mr. Jocelyn Sanders (Killaloe & Clonfert)
Mr. Paul Schutz (Killaloe & Clonfert)
Mr Kieran Sparling (Limerick & Emly)
Ms Georgina Stanley (Killaloe & Clonfert)
Mr. Ivan Stephens, (Ardfert & Aghadoe)
Mr. John St George (Limerick & Emly)
Mr. Peter Whyte (Killaloe & Clonfert)

One replacement Lay Member on the Committee on Elections
Mr Peter Whyte

Lay Representative to the General Synod Board of Education
Mrs Margaret Brickenden

Election of Clerical Supplementalists for General Synod

Limerick and Emly – Dean Niall Sloane

Ardfert and Aghadoe – Rev Isabel Keegan

Election of Finance Committee
The Standing Orders requires the election of eight of the newly elected Diocesan Council members to the Finance Committee. They are elected by Diocesan Council members – two be to elected from the Diocese of Ardfert and Aghadoe, four from the Diocese of Killaloe and Clonfert and two from the Diocese of Limerick and Emly. Three of those elected shall be Clergy.

Newly elected members of the Finance Committee for the operating year 2018 – 2019:

The Bishop and the Diocesan Secretary are ex-officio members of the Committee and Ms Phyllis Mason attends as a representative of Peevers Slye Cotter Accountants.

Ven W Carney (Killaloe and Clonfert)
Ven S J Lumby (Ardfert and Aghadoe)
Very Rev G Paulsen (Killaloe and Clonfert)

Mr R Benson (Killaloe and Clonfert)
Mr K Brislane (Limerick and Emly)
Mr A Eadie (Ardfert and Aghadoe)
Mr E Hardy (Killaloe and Clonfert)
Mr J Clarke (Limerick and Emly)

The Diocesan Secretary thanks the Returning Officer, Mrs. M. Groves for her assistance in preparing, sorting and counting of the voting papers for this year’s Diocesan Synod.