Retreat at Holy Hill Hermitage, Skreen – God’s Big Story

On Saturday 25th of February – Ballina Churches Together gathered at Holy Hill Hermitage for another retreat. The focus of our day was the Bible and the grand-narrative of scripture. The Bible … God’s Big Story which gives us an awe inspiring perspective into how God is moving through history – a story that spans millennia and we are part of it.
God is the ultimate storyteller.  Through the bible, God has revealed to us the wonderful story of who He is, of who we are, and the world He has created. At this retreat, we explored the storyline of the Old Testament … its main events and characters. From the Garden of Eden … to the call of Abraham … Moses on Mt. Sinai … General Joshua and the fall of Jericho … to the formation of the nation of Israel – it’s Judges and Kings … Babylon and the  restoration of an exiled people. 400 years of silence passed, when no prophet was heard in the land, before Christ was born in Bethlehem.
We gathered in the ‘Elijah Chapel’ at Holy Hill Hermitage. Through a series of four talks which spanned the Book of Genesis, Moses in Exodus, Judges and Kings in the Promised Land as well as the role of Prophets and the Exilic years in Babylon.  Speakers on the day included Marian Edwards CA., Dylan Edwards CA., and Keilah Joyce (Ballina Methodist Church). Music and worship were led by Rosemonde Adamson, CA..
On the floor of the chapel, the story-line of the Old Testament was depicted through contributions from several artists, along with a series of maps and props.
A joyful and uplifting day was had by all.
The amazing thing about The Big God Story is that it is still being written!
God invites you and me to be part of His story today.
In the future, we look forward to exploring the New Testament and our part in the greatest story ever told.
Our next day away, will in Ballycastle on the stunning north Mayo coast – on April 1st.
This series of retreats has been sponsored by the Church of Ireland Mind Matters project. 
Report and Photos by kind courtesy of Marian Edwards, Church Army Evangelist, Ballina Churches Together.