Remembrance Sunday in Saint Mary’s Cathedral Tuam

This year, given the significance of 11th November 2018, we had a particular Service of Remembrance in Saint Mary’s Cathedral.
With us were the representatives of The Irish U.N. Veterans who, as in past years, laid a wreath in memory of fallen comrades.

We also had a contingent from the Irish Army, Western Command, who formed a Guard of Honour in the Cathedral Chancel at the time of the wreath laying.

Bishop Patrick read a poem to open the Act of Remembrance and Judith Hesford read the traditional words of Laurence Binyon.

Last Post was sounded, followed by the silence and completed by Reveille. Bishop Patrick preached the sermon during the Eucharist. Rachel Pike presided at the organ.
Saint Mary’s Cathedral was full on the day and many commented on how moved they were by the whole ceremony. It was certainly something very special.
Our profound thanks to all who participated and who provided tea afterwards. This will live in the memory for a long time.