Enthronement of Bishop Michael Burrows in Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Tuam

The Enthronement of Bishop Michael Burrows in Saint Mary’s Cathedral Tuam, the first of several to take place in the Diocese of Tuam, Limerick and Killaloe, was held on Sunday 24th April in the context of Evensong.

As is customary, the Bishop knocked on the Cathedral door with his crozier to request admission and the Dean and Chapter welcomed him. The Bishop was led to the Cathedral Crossing where the Diocesan Register, Mrs. Audrey Shannon, read the Mandate from the Archbishop of Dublin. Bishop Burrows, Dean Grimason and Archdeacon McWhirter then went to the Sanctuary where the Archdeacon led the congregation in prayer for the Bishop who subsequently made the Declarations.

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Taking Bishop Bishop Burrows by the hand, the Dean then led him to his Seat, his Cathedra, where he was Enthroned ‘ into the real, actual and corporal possession of the Bishopric of Tuam, with all the rights, dignities and jurisdictions thereto belonging.’

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The Dean then offered prayer and blessing for the Bishop with the words,

‘ May the blessing of the Most High rest upon you to defend you this day
and all your days to come.
May the people honour you.
May God help you and keep you.
Be worthy, just, patient and sincere as befits a messenger of Christ.
May God be your Father and the Angels of God protect you.
May the Church be your mother and The Blessed Virgin Mary, after whose name this Cathedral Church is called, with Jarlath and all the Apostles and Saints be your examples.
The Lord confirm and strengthen you in righteousness and holiness.
Peace be ever with you, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.’

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Bishop Burrows then went to the Chancel Steps where he welcomed with applause and greeted by the congregation and ecumenical partners.

Evensong then followed. Mr. Ronan de Burca played the organ throughout. The Old Testament lesson was read by Clodagh Loftus, a member of Cong Sunday Club; the New Testament passage by Mothers Union Diocesan President, Myrtle Nairn; and Gospel Passage by the Archbishop of Tuam, The Most Revd. Francis Duffy. The Sermon was preached by Bishop Burrows. The intercessions were led by the Dean of Limerick, The Very Revd. Nial Sloane.

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After the service, the congregation were served refreshments in the Synod Hall where the Bishop and Dean both thanked all those who had contributed to the occasion.

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