A Course on Exploring Spirituality in St Michaels Church in Killorglin

There is a Spirituality Course in Killorglin at St. Michael’s Church of Ireland Church, Killorglin on the following dates.  Each beginning at 8.00pm. 
Date 5th September
Week One: 1. What on earth is Spirituality all about? 2. We talk about Attentiveness so much today but how it can help us cope with our busy lives today?
Date 19th September
Week Two: 1. Have you ever thought of Prayer as an adventure? 2. How prayer can assist us to cope with change.
Date 10th October
Week Three. 1. Understanding how Scripture was written in order to understand more fully the scripture we read in church. 2. Lectio Divina, an ancient and wonderful way to pray.
Date 24th October
Week Four: 1. Change and its effect on our lives. 2. Using the art of M.C. Escher we learn a new approach to the Christian life. 3. Spiritual Maturity.
Date 7th November
Week Five: 1. Intro to Celtic Spirituality. 2. Understanding the Eucharistic, Communion Service. 2 Minds one heart. 2
Date 21st November.
Week Six. 1 The Trinity as you have never heard them described before, providing us with a vision that can both change and empower our daily lives, from the Ancient Christian Celtic writers. Trinity first three talks.

You can hear Revd. Sister Ann-Marie Stuart talking about Prayer here