1st Tralee Company – The Boys’ Brigade Captain’s Report

In August we went on a trip to Sandy Feet Farm, we got to hold, pet and feed the animals as well as a trip on the tractor, turns on the go karts and we were made some lovely mud pies in the sensory Garden. We ended the day with ice cream from the shop.
In November, we made a picture of an animal using only what we gather from nature, leaves, twigs etc.
In December we created gingerbread houses a messy but fun activity
In February we did a clean on Banna Beach and those who attended received their community badge this evening.
March was a busy month as we did a hike on the Tonneavane loop, made a peace wall, took part in the St Patrick’s day parade. Which we won the best environment award. And created our own fragrance of perfume for our mums for Mother’s day. I’m sure you all smelled beautiful.
In April we did a walk for UNICEF, Ukraine and walked from the Aquadome out to the Spa along the coastal walk. A total of 16km. There were some very tired legs but everyone completed it so well done everyone. And we raised €750 for the children of Ukraine. For Easter we held an Easter Egg Hunt around the church grounds.
In May, we went to Bowling Buddies for a fun night out to celebrate our St. Patrick’s Day award. Our Junior Section went on a weekend away to Muckross Adventure Centre where we visited Muckross Abbey, Ross Castle, took a trip on a boat around the lakes. Built a camp fire, toasted marshmallows and told scary stories. We also had a visit form a bat in the boy’s dorm.
We have made pizza, mars bar cupcake, had a movie night and played games on Friday evenings. All in all we have had a busy session.
To Sunnite, Abigail, Karol, Croi, Grace, Emmet and Nicholas, I wish you all the very best as you move to secondary school and the next chapter in your educational life. Don’t forget the friends you made in primary school and remember to try and keep in touch with them.
As some of you may already know I am retiring from Boy’s Brigade and tonight is my last evening.
I have been with 1st Tralee Company for over 20 years and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. I have met a lot of lovely young people over the years, some of whom are now married with their own children, which doesn’t make me feel old at all!!!!. I have worked with the most dedicated leaders throughout the years with a special mention to David who was; and still is my mentor and very dear friend. I want to thank the current leaders Derek, Daniel and Rory for all their hard work and dedication, it has been a pleasure working alongside you. To the current members; you are all amazing young people, I have loved being your Captain and I hope you have all enjoyed your time at Boys Brigade. To your parents thank you for entrusting me and the other leaders with your children every Friday, they are a credit to you all.
I will really miss my Friday nights here at Boy’s Brigade, it has been a huge part of my life for so long, but as they say all good things must come to an end. Thank You.
Collette Price -Captain